Knee Stabilizer

Knee Stabilizer
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Knee Stabilizer, beige, Sizes S-XL.  Anatomically designed this elastic support will comfortably contour to the shape of your knee. Side stabilizers provide increased medial and lateral support and compression to weak and injured knees.

Thermoskin Elastic Knee Stabilizer Measure slightly bent, underneath knee cap

Knee Stabilizer Measure
Small  12  - 13 ½"
Medium  13 ½  - 15"
Large  15  - 16 ½"
X-Large  16 ½ - 18"

Stabilize thy Knee, Remove that Injury

Simple as it may seem, the knee is a complex body part. Consisting of the patella, patella groove and the tibia, the knee requires immediate attention in cases of injury. Without proper medical attention, a slight knee injury could end up to a serious one if it is constantly used and re-injured. To avoid re-injuring a knee, or even to help in curing an existing knee disorder, various medical methods can be used, one of which is the use of knee supports such as a knee stabilizer.

A knee stabilizer is widely used to support the knee in cases of severe knee injuries such as ACL and MCL. Comprised of metal hinges, it supports the knee and gives stability to the lateral and medial ligaments. It is also made up of various pads around the patella to prevent patella displacement. The pads also help in relieving pressure into the patella. Knee stabilizers are mostly used for ligament sprains and ligament instability, arthritic knee changes and atellofemoral disorders. They provide comfort and natural warmth to the knee and gives increased blood circulation. An increased blood circulation helps the body in speeding up its natural healing ability.

Knee stabilizers are very effective when used properly. It is recommended for individuals with pending knee injuries to first seek help from a medical practitioner before using a knee stabilizer. If not properly used, knee stabilizers can aggravate an existing knee injury and can cause more damage to the tissues and the muscles.

Therapists and doctors advised the use of knee stabilizers to avoid re-injuring a pending knee injury and to keep the knee protected from accidental movements. Severe knee injuries require the use of knee stabilizers because of the benefits that it can give. In reality, a slight movement to a person with an ACL or MCL can be extremely painful and excruciating. Knee stabilizers are best suitable to lessen knee pains.

Knee stabilizers are highly recommended post-injury. They are advised by therapists and doctors in various knee injuries because of its effectiveness in removing knee pains and its efficiency in keeping the body in its natural healing ability.


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  • Author: Reuben A
    I had a serious knee injury 4 months back during a bike accident(I am a stunt biker), and underwent an operation, then physiotherapy. My doc also advised to use a -knee stabilizer. I could not find one at my local store, so searched online and got one at this site-, run by Mobile Always. It fits perfectly round my knee and I am getting back to normal.