Thermoskin Thermal Supports are inner lined with exclusive patented Trioxon®

Thermoskin Thermal Supports are inner lined with exclusive patented Trioxon®  which is clinically proven to capture your natural body heat. Other products may cause excessive sweating making them very uncomfortable, our Trioxon lining allows your skin to ventilate and remain comfortably dry even during long-term use. Other products trap your perspiration causing discomfort, slippage, risk of infection and unpleasant odor. Our Trioxon lining creates a microclimate to help the skin breathe while providing effective heat therapy. This is the secret of Thermoskins long-term comfort for you. You may even wear Thermoskin for extended time periods without the discomfort you would have with other products.


How Thermoskin works:

The application of prolonged heat therapy to the effected area is a simple and quick form of treatment. Heat therapy promotes healing by opening up the small blood vessels, increasing blood flow and facilitating the removal of inflammation. Heat therapy helps your bodys natural healing process. The combination of this heat therapy along with the support and light compression provided by Thermoskin Thermal Supports helps prevent, treat and rehabilitate soft tissue injuries.

As health, fitness and increased mobility affect more and more people, the physical potentials are pushed to limits that seem to know no bounds.      

A vital component to maintain this potential and enjoy your active lifestyle is the well being of your greatest asset – your body.


Thermoskin through the evolution of our health management


Thermoskin through the evolving creation of our health management range of braces, supports and wraps allow you the freedom to enjoy your active lifestyle, through therapy and pain management for musculoskeletal conditions.

As such our braces, supports and wraps incorporate the quality standard of the world’s best practice in materials, R&D, manufacturing and distribution and will remain the benchmark of the industry.

We will continue the evolution, as we focus on enhancing the brand and maintaining “quality thinking” processes at all times.

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